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🔶 What is a Private Account?
its a non-shared membership which is 100% under your control to give you premium access to the site you want.
You can watch or download as much as you like, whenever you want without ads – all for one payment without credit card. There’s always a warranty to replace your account.

🔶 I going to be billed monthly or yearly?
No. this is a 1 time payment through our methods, non-recurring.

🔶 Where & When Will I receive my account?
You’ll get it instantly in your email after you complete your order. you may check the spam folder in case of a delay.

🔶 What does 1 month , 1 year warranty mean?
Once your account stops working, we replace it or exchange it for you, since your warranty period is still valid.

🔶 Is this safe to use without VPN?
Yes. rest assured nothing whatsoever can track or see your login activity, In fact, we create the account without any personal info meaning your name/birthday/location/zip code/email is not assigned on it.
+10,000 clients used our service from the US, EU, & Overseas countries without any privacy issues. your privacy is our top priority.

🔶 It's my first time, how exactly does this work?
Once you select a site via our Shop. You enter your email where you’ll receive your account. it arrive like this: ‘username:password‘. you just copy-paste that to the login page and have fun.

🔶 If My account doesn't work. what should I do?
No worries. Click here to contact us and we will take care of the rest!

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